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Music for Sensuous Satanists

Have you ever seen Cannonball Run II? Ever wonder what would have happened if the scene where the Sheik is being held hostage at a brothel took a really dark turn?

I think the answer is Music for Sensuous Lovers by Z. I flashbacked to it this morning while listening to Supreme Rainbow by Matmos.

300Music for Sensuous Lovers is a record that contains two side-length songs. Side A is called “Climax One,” while Side B is called “Climax Two.” On top of some moog riffs a woman fakes an orgasm. The album’s composer, Z, is actually a guy named Mort Garson who wrote a lot of moog stuff.

About one minute in on “Climax One” the woman makes a slurpy noise that I have never been able to narratively resolve. Around the 3:45 mark she emits an almost Satanic laugh.

It’s no wonder that Mort Garson also released an album called Black Mass by Lucifer.

I guess I could see some seventies couple coked up and listening to this record as they’re getting it on shag carpet style… But I think the intended listener is the record collector of the future. (Well, Mort’s future and our present. Or my past when I wrote this and your present when you’re reading it. Etc.) Who else would be able to contextualize it? I’ve had the record for years and always found it to be mysterious. I pictured Z as a sultan of the synthesizer who made women go crazy. In reality Z was just a guy named Mort.

Anyway, this is a rip that’s been floating around for a while. Wish I could have posted it in time for Valentine’s Day, but now you have a soundtrack for next year.

Music for Sensuous Lovers by Z

Matmos uses a lot of vintage equipment to perform electronic music. The band scored for a few gay porno movies. This is perhaps how they came to draw on something like Music for Sensuous Lovers as inspiration. In “Rainbow Balloon” it’s all there except for the lady mewling. It is pretty joyful little song all the way through. But about a minute and a half in, I swear Z’s moog arrives, changing the tone entirely.

“Rainbow Balloon” by Matmos


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