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Some Kinda Love: Like a Velvet Underground Cast in Iron

The only things I love more than The Velvet Underground are the bands that appropriated the Velvets’ sound. So I’m introducing a feature to The Vectorist called “Some Kinda Love,” which will turn the spotlight on post-Velvets kinda bands. But since this is the introductory post, here are the Velvets.


Makes you wish for the B&W pics of The Factory days, huh?

There’s a caveat: If there is any one band that I could live the rest of my life without hearing again, it would be The Velvet Underground. I don’t necessarily mean that in a Rocco DiSpirito “oh, I’m so tiiiired of fois gras” way. (Good luck with your gout, motherfucker.) It’s just that when I glommed onto the band back in high school — I really glommed onto them. Virtually everything that I listen to has stemmed off from that first intense attachment to the Velvets.

The thing is, I sucked the life out of this music. If I hear “Sweet Jane” in a bar, I’ll enjoy it for as long as it’s on. If I put it on at home, my interest in it is more academic. I try to figure out what it was that first attracted me to the song. In my high school there was me and there was some other guy who were really into The Velvet Underground. I don’t know if he saw it as much of a competition as I did. I went crazy digging up bootlegs and things all in an attempt to be a VU scholar. And what happened? A thing that I once enjoyed is annoying to me now.

But all that said, I can’t write a post about The Velvet Undergound without posting something from the band.

Here’s my absolute favorite version of my favorite Velvets’ song — “What Goes On.” The below MP3 is from the band’s 1969 Live Album. Not exactly the most obscure thing in the world — I think I bought the CD at the mall when I was in high school — but it is a foundation stone. I’d get a little deeper but, in all honestly, most of the bootlegs I’ve heard either don’t sound that great or I don’t have them in a format I can share here. Also, I’m just getting this started. Bear with me.

What Goes On

And if nine-minute long riffs don’t interest you, here’s “Temptation Inside Your Heart,” an outtake from the lost Velvets album. What’s better than Lou Reed and John Cale fucking up the background vocals to a cheesy pop song? I really don’t know. You can find this song on the box set as well as the VU collection if you haven’t already.

Temptation Inside Your Heart


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