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Brainiac: Go Freaks Go!

Welcome to The Vectorist, so named because I have a terrible problem staying on topic. Hopefully the name will help. This here blog will be two things — short, personal essays about music that might have fallen through the cracks; and links to that music. I’ve got a lot of stuff that I don’t know what to do with, and I’d like to share it.

So that said, the previous post about Brainiac comprised the essay portion, here are the goods — two live recordings of Brainiac from 1997 and 1996 (the download link is at the bottom of post).

If you’re familiar at all with the band’s album work, you’ll notice that some of the electronic boops and bops and SKKKRNCHS obscured some of the lyrics and flavor. I like the album stuff fine. But the live version of a song like “Sexual Frustration” from Bonsai Superstar (which appears to be out of print; I wonder how much it has to do with Touch & Go’s problems) always sounded much more defined to me. So when I found the second of these shows, I was stoked. It was like jumping into a time machine.

’97 France
Indian Poker
Beekeeper’s Maxim
Hot Metal Dobermans
Flash RAM
Go Freaks Go
Vincent Come on Down
I Am a Cracked Machine
Nothing Ever Changes
To the Baby-Counter
This Little Piggy

Hot Metal Dobermans
Beekeeper’s Maxim
Sexual Frustration
Go Freaks Go
Vincent Come on Down
I Am a Cracked Machine

Download Here.

On a technical note, I’m still working out some things about how this blog thing will work, specifically the music hosting. My primary issue is finding a topic and staying on it. But that is also an issue to be resolved. Both links at the top of the sets lead to the same zipped file, by the way.


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  1. jeff says:

    Thanks for this. I got to see Brainiac a few times in the nineties. They came through Austin a bit and had a good following there. Haven’t ever really latched onto Enon but Brainiac was just too good. Anyway, thanks for the shows.

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